About Us

UAB „Globale“ is the distributor of paper, board, products for packaging, for manufacturing of advertising, located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Along with the traditional paper and cardboard for graphic industry and packaging production, we offer a wide range of products for the growing market of digital printing, design work, advertising, personalized and special projects.

Our customers are printing houses, manufacturers of packaging and advertising, wholesalers and retailers, offices, commercial partners in Lithuania and Baltic states.

We help to identify for customers their needs and find the right solution, choosing the right paper, cardboard or other products. We ensure fulfillment of orders and delivery in time. We have a flexible delivery system to deliver the ordered goods within 1-2 days to all customers in the Baltic countries.

We work only with reliable partners abroad. We are constantly expanding our product range, introducing new products to market. We purchase paper and other products from mills in Europe, Asia and America. Our partners – manufacturers and distributors of known brands, large dealers in international markets.

Our staff is skilled professionals with many years of experience in this field. We offer only high quality products and services and provide qualified advices.

The company is certified by the FSC ® and PEFC certificates since 2013.

The wide range of products, flexible pricing, prompt delivery information and timely delivery of goods to customers free of charge are our company's advantages. As well as help for customers to plan their purchases.